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The Game Exchanger is here, revolutionising the way you game. Build your community, start sharing games and open up a world of enjoyment previously unknown. And when you are done with that one game, swap it on and start again.

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How it works?

In 3 short steps ‘The Game Exchanger’ connects you with the largest online game sharing community in Australasia, giving you the chance to access games not previously available.


Create your account

Start your gaming journey of discovery by creating your account. It is quick to do and simple to complete, meaning we will have you exchanging games in nanoseconds (or close to it).


Build your Catalogue

Next step is to build your library of games you want to exchange. The more detail and information you provide, the sooner you will be connecting and exchanging games.


Find Games

Now it's time to find the games that you want to play and build your Wish List. Action, Sport, RPG, Simulator, Strategy, Adventure.. We have it all and more to keep you entertained.

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  • Full Platform Access
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our aim is to offer convenience to our users.

    Although some users already use social networks and forums to carry out their exchanges, we know that many others do not have the time, knowledge or interest to follow the long and confusing history of messages that these platforms require.

    At The Game Exchanger, simply register the games you have and those you want, and the site will automatically start to match the interests of users and suggest exchanges, in a simple and fast way.

  • There are two main differences. The first is that with the Annual Membership, it is a one-time, upfront charge, whereas the Monthly membership is paid monthly by Automatic Payment. The second difference is that by paying Annually you save a massive 68% compared to paying monthly.

  • Yes. With the Monthly Membership you can cancel at any time. You can cancel your membership via your Personal Profile

  • First you must register on the site. After confirming your registration, simply search for the name of the games using the text box located at the top of the site, or access one of the pages specific to each console.

    When locating the desired game, you must choose one of the options ("I HAVE" or "I WANT"), fill in the information that will be requested and click on save.

    Ready! The game will be added to your game list, and The Game Exchanger will automatically match them with other users' games, suggesting the exchanges.

  • To make a proposal you must, after logging into the site, access the item "Opportunities" in the top menu.

    On the page that will open are listed all the "crosses" of people who are interested in your game, and who have a game that interests you. (considering the appropriate levels of interest of each one) - to delete

    From this screen, it is possible to send a message to the other user, or send him an exchange proposal. In this case, he will receive a notification and if he accepts it, an exchange process is started.

  • Once both parties have accepted the exchange you will be notified. You can then message the other party and arrange for the exchange to occur. Depending on each of your locations this could be in person, by post or tracked courier.

  • Exchanges can still occur during COVID with contactless handover or via courier or post. Please note that exchanges by courier or post may take longer to arrive. We encourage all parties to act responsibly and within the requirements as outlined by authorities.

  • No, games must be exchanged directly between users. We recommend that our users use exchange methods and formats that provide greater security and comfort to each party. Users from the same city can meet in public places and with great movement, for example.

    Post also offer safe and effective means for carrying out exchanges, regardless of the distance between users.

  • No. Users are entirely responsible for their actions and for the exchanges. The Game Exchanger only offers a means to bring users together, not being responsible for their nature, character or honesty, nor for the success or failure of the exchanges carried out.

  • The sale of games through direct messages sent to users is strictly prohibited, and will result in your membership being cancelled.

    We do not recommend under any circumstances that any amounts of money are involved in the exchange, even in situations where a new game may be exchanged for an older one. In these situations, our suggestion is to (exchange new games for new games, and old games for old games, or) - to delete have patience and flexibility to negotiate.

  • No. This is a platform solely for the purpose of exchanging games.

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